Nigeria Story: I plant the sun with Halima

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Since 2016, LEMI Technology has undertaken many PV off-grid/micro-grid power generation system projects for the United Nations, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, etc. The projects cover countries such as Nigeria, Myanmar, the Philippines, Yemen, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, etc., which utilize the rich local solar energy resources to provide power for the local people's life. In Nigeria, LEMI solar home system is widely praised locally, and the following is a story between a Nigerian and LEMI:

I plant the sun with Halima

590 millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity, and most of them live in rural areas.

Nigeria is in the south of Sahara, where electricity infrastructure is very insufficient, lack of electricity is a common problem for most of people.

Halima lives in a small and remote mountain village of Nigeria. For hundreds and thousands of years, the villagers live in a simple life of working from dawn to dusk. When night falls, the small village is embraced by silence and loneliness.

In the darkness, the shadow of Halima's daughter doing her homework under the flickering candle became clearer. Halima knew that the dim light was eating away her daughter's eyesight, and she worried that her daughter would develop myopia prematurely.

Halima Sharing his story

Halima's dream is to save the sun rays so that when the night comes, there is still light in the house.

Fortunately, Halima met Zhong Yili from LEMI company.

Zhong Yili is a Chinese engineer. Since he set foot on the land of Nigeria, he has determined to apply China's solar technology and products here to bring light to the dark night.

Zhong Yili and Halima plant the sun together. To Halima's delight, she personally chose energy-saving bulbs and flashlights.

After overcoming all difficulties, Halima’s family finally got the electricity. When her children saw the electricity in their house, they cheered, like they were seeing light for the first time of their life.

The first time Halima ever use solar energized TV, he couldn't help but applauded

This is a major transformation for such a village without electricity. Solar brings a life they could not imagine before. Villagers can listen news, music, read or work at night. Fan is also used in the hot summer finally.

Halima using solar fan with joy

Zhong Yili and his colleagues are sending light to more and more homes and villages in Nigeria.

The Governor of Kano State said: Chinese technology promoted the local electrification, for which I am very grateful.

This is just a microcosm of how LEMI solar technology helped developing countries to realize power supply and improve life quality of the people.

LEMI local team, dedicated to deliver solar service

Up to June of 2022, LEMI Technology has solved electricity demand for 13 million population of 46 developing countries including Myanmar, Philippines, Yemen, Ethiopia, etc, reducing carbon dioxide emission by an average of 120,000 tons per year, and made positive contribution to the green development of these beneficiary regions. To improve the life quality of people living in the off grid areas all over the world by green energy.

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