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About Leiming Technology

Leiming Technology is a provider of renewable energy products and services to people around the world, as well as a power system manufacturer, solar solutions provider and EPC specialist
Since 2004, Lei Ming has been engaged in the solar energy industry. We focus on the people living in areas without electricity, and are committed to providing customers with high quality products and services!

18 +

18 years of industry experience

30 +

Covering more than 30 countries and regions

50 +

More than 50 people research and development team

30W portable home lighting system solar kit

Multi color portable power generation small system can help you get rid of power consumption problems

80W solar generator lamp panel system kit

Plug and play portable power generation small system can help you get rid of power consumption

Portable small solar mushroom lamp

Portable mushroom lamp, so you don't need to change the battery

10W household solar indoor lighting system

Equipped with 20W solar photovoltaic panel and 3 LED bulbs


Solar Home System

The solar household system solution is mainly for residential roofs (including farmers' roofs, villas, sunshine houses, residential areas, etc.). The common installed capacity is generally between 3 and 50kW, which is connected to the public power grid through the 220/380V voltage level.


Solar Energy System

LEMI solar energy system has a variety of solar energy receiving and consumer products, which are suitable for new optical storage power stations, reconstruction of the original household grid connected system or areas without (weak) power grids. It can realize a higher proportion of self use of green electricity and reduce electricity expenditure; UPS power supply can also be provided to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of key equipment;


Solar Mini-grid

The surface power station includes a variety of application scenarios, such as flat land, mountain, hill, agricultural and optical complementation, desert control, soil remediation and water surface. The capacity is generally more than 20MW. LEMI's equipment can operate stably and efficiently in harsh operating environments such as high temperature, high altitude, sandstorm, salt fog and low temperature.
12 Millions Degrees

The annual power generation of the company's products is about:12 Million Degrees



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