Myanmar Project



The Myanmar National Electrification Project, funded by the World Bank and operated by the Myanmar Department of Rural Development (DRD), aims to increase electricity access rates in Myanmar and provide power services to people living in remote areas, far from the national grid.


Since 2016, our company, Shenzhen LEMI Technology Development Co., Ltd, has been involved in the production and installation guidance for the Myanmar National Electrification Project, spanning four phases.


The four-phase project has provided solar power to a total of 306,017 households, 4,269 schools, 5,935 temples, and 1,148 hospitals. Additionally, it has supplied 33,201 solar streetlights. Upon completion, our company's products will essentially cover the entire territory of Myanmar.


Through the Myanmar National Electrification Project, our company has delivered high-quality products and outstanding services to the Myanmar market, significantly improving the infrastructure in areas without electricity or with insufficient power supply. As a result, we have received high praise from the Myanmar government and its people.


For more information, please visit the following websites:

DRD (Department of Rural Development) Official Website:

World Bank Official Website:

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