Development history of solar energy resources

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It is recorded that human beings have used solar energy for more than 3000 years. The history of using solar energy as a kind of energy and power is only 300 years. It is a matter of recent years to truly take solar energy as "the urgently needed supplementary energy in the near future" and "the foundation of the future energy structure". Since the 1970s, solar energy technology has made rapid progress and solar energy utilization has changed with each passing day. The history of modern solar energy utilization can be calculated from the world's first solar powered engine invented by French engineer Solomon de Cox in 1615. The invention is a machine that uses solar energy to heat air to expand and do work to pump water. Between 1615 and 1900, many solar power plants and some other solar power plants were developed in the world. Almost all of these power devices collect sunlight in a concentrated way. The engine power is small. The working medium is mainly steam, which is expensive and of little practical value. Most of them are researched and manufactured by solar enthusiasts. In the 100 years of the 20th century, the development history of solar energy technology can be roughly divided into seven stages.

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